Workshop Repairs


Work shop 

Our comprehensive hydraulic repair and test facility is located at Murarrie in Brisbane. The purpose built modern workshop and offices occupy a 4000 square metre site.  The workshop is equipped with up to date technology and equipment, and a large amount ofstock is kept on hand.

Cylinder/Ram Repair

We cover all aspects of hydraulic cylinder repair. From a simple reseal and test to redesigning and modifying a cylinder to suit the needs of the application better.  Our fully equipped machine shop means we can replace damaged components, modify components or manufacture complete new cylinder in-house. All cylinders are built or repaired by Gateway Hydraulics are pressure and function tested when complete.

Pump and Motor Repair

We can service all types of pumps and motors, from the simplest gear unit to the most complex transmission pump. Pumps and motors repaired  include Gear pump/motors, Axial piston pumps/motors, Bent axis piston pumps/ motors, gerola motors and gerotor motors.All pumps and motors repaired at Gateway Hydraulics are tested on our 150HP Test rig. 

Hose assembly and testing

Hoses are assembled in-house by qualified fitters. A large range of hose and ends are kept instock. Hoses can be supplied MDG41 compliant or to Class for marine vessels.