The Pitts H-Series clutches and mounts have become the standard specification for many marine and special-purpose vehicle hydraulic systems throughout the world. These heavy-duty electromagnetic clutches and machined cast iron mount brackets are designed for direct fit to any SAE A, B, C, or D face hydraulic pump or hydraulic motor. Gateway Hydraulics is the exclusive distributor for Pitts clutches in Australia and New Zealand.

Wilks and McLean


Wilkes and McLean are world leaders in noise suppression in hydraulic systems. They manufacture a large range of in line hydraulic suppressers to reduce noise and vibration in hydraulic systems. Gateway Hydraulics is the exclusive distributor for Wilkes and McLean suppressors in Australia and New Zealand.


Kobelt are manufacutres rugged and robust steering, propusion and braking control systems that help marine and industrial users guide and control movement. Kobelt is a Canadian based company with over 50 years experience in the industry.

Gateway Hydraulics are stocking distributors of Kobelt's  Keypower range of Hydraulic Thrusters. High quality material, robust engineering and commitment to customer service make Keypower Thruster the safe decision in any application.



As one of the largest companies in the mobile hydraulics industry, Sauer-Danfoss designs and manufactures  a complete range of engineered hydraulic and electronic components including PVG32 valves, Hydrostatic transmissions, orbital motors, steering units and mobile electronics.

Rexroth Bosch Group

Bosch Rexroth offers a large range of hydraulics components to suit the industrial and mobile hydraulic markets. Products include Axial Piston Pumps and Motors, Bent axis Piston pumps and motors, Direction Control Valves,Proportional and servo valves, Pressure and Flow control valves,Mobile electronics and hydraulic accessories.


Hydac is world leader in hydraulic filters and filtration systems.  Hydac also offer a large range of other hydraulic components such as accumulators, pipe clamps, hydraulic pumps, electronics and diagnostic systems and cooling systems.


RYCO Hydraulics offers a broad range of hydraulic hoses, fittings and filters to suit a variety of applications. . Ryco hose and fittings conform to the following hose type approvals:  Lloyds, DNV, ABS and USCG.

Gateway Hydraulics has staff trained by Ryco in the application and assembly of Ryco hose and fittings.


Permco is a leading manufacturer of high-pressure hydraulic gear pumps and motors, flow dividers, intensifiers, and accessories. Both roller bearing and sleeve bushing series are available in a wide variety of sizes and configurations.


Volz has been specialising in Stainless Steel coupling since 1965. They offer a large range of metric and imperial stainless steel fittings and adaptors.